Mobile Disco


Mobile Disco We offer a very good musical option for your event. Our proposal includes sound equipment, lighting with a modern and elegant design and the best DJ’s on the island, which customize the music following your wishes. Customize your music and choose the musical [...]



Artist As an Spectacles company we have a wide catalogue of artists and shows to adapt to your event or dreamed celebration, Music band of many different styles, magicians, actors, Spanish folklore, etc. Indícanos la temática de tu evento y te realizaremos varias propuestas. [...]

Concert Organization


Concert Organization We are specialized in the whole production of concerts, from a particular party on a terrace to a public concert in a theater or a festival in a village. We have more than 20 years of professional experience in this [...]

Promotional campaigns


Promotional campaigns Having developed dozens of promotional campaigns, Oh Palma Espectáculos has considerable experience in organizing: Themed parades (medieval, correfocs, zancudos, etc) Children parades Christmas trains Music and street performances Children's workshops [...]

Theming and decoration of events


Theming and decoration of events We have specialized staff in the creation of environments and sets for all types of parties, ceremony and events. Our creatives are specialists in the design and production of decoration elements with countless equipment, which guarantees a unique experience whatever the style of the celebration, from [...]

Full Party Colors


Full Party Colors From Oh! Palma Espectáculos we offer you a fantastic music revival with the greatest hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Recently produced by our creative staff. We want to offer all public a magic spectacle of music, illumination and make everybody fell identify with. [...]

The admiration for the Menorcan horse and its taming is present in the Balearic society


The Menorcan horse and its taming The admiration for the Menorcan horse and its taming is present in the Balearic society. The enhancement of the breed and institutional efforts as well as breeders and owners have contributed to the national and international impact of the Menorcan horse. Oh Palma Espectáculos offers [...]

Gospel Choir


Gospel Choir We put at your disposal the magic and energy of several gospel choirs that will make your ceremony linger in the memory of all attendees. It is the most fun and original way to liven up your civil or religious ceremony. [...]

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