Sound and lighting for ceremonies


Sound and lighting for ceremonies We have modern sound equipment and professional amplification for any type of ceremony, as well as microphones, lecterns, etc. We also have different lighting systems to cover any need. Everything you need to ensure that no one misses any detail of your wedding day. [...]



Tuna If you want to give a cheerful touch, the guys of our tuna will perform the best known songs of their lively repertoire, such as the well-known "Clavelitos" or "Cielito lindo". You can have groups from 4 to 12 tunos. [...]



Projections We put at your disposal projectors, screens, computers and technical assistance to surprise the bride and groom or the guests with an emotional projection of photos or video from the birth of the couple to the present time. In the same [...]

Mobile Disco


Mobile Disco We propose you the best option for the end of your wedding party. Our proposal includes sound equipment, lighting with a modern and elegant design and the best DJ tstaff on the island, which adapts to all types of audiences and styles. [...]



Fireworks Put the best clasp on such a special day with a fantastic fireworks display. We have a wide variety of pyrotechnic material to fill your day with light and color. And if you are going to marry by the sea we [...]



Orchestras Soloists, duets, trios and orchestras to offer you the best live music at your party. We offer you a great musical variety with very versatile repertoires and for all audiences. Tell us what musical style you prefer and we will present you with the best options. [...]

Confetti cannons and bubbles


Confetti cannons and bubbles Something more romantic than opening the nuptial dance between bubbles? We have professional bubble machines that will make your first dance magical. What if you surprise your guests with thousands of colored confetti at your arrival at the banquet? It will undoubtedly be an original touch [...]

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