Bedouin Tents Mallorca


Bedouin tents In addition to the various conventional tents, Oh Palma shows offers almost exclusively an avant-garde, modern, versatile and elegant tent, the Bedouin tent. They are high quality stretchable tents that are characterized by their adaptability to any space, as well as their elegance. Another feature that makes this type [...]

Lighting by helium moons


Lighting by helium moons As an exclusive product we offer you a new lighting system, spectacular in terms of decoration and very functional. Our full moons are balloons that hold a large lamp and are suspended in the air by helium. We use balloons [...]

Sound and lighting


Sound and lighting We have the necessary infrastructure to guarantee the quality of sound and lighting in any type of event. We add soundtracks for events and we have avant-garde material in loudspeakers and microphones. In the same way, we make all kinds of interior and exterior lighting, decorative and functional: [...]



Fireworks Put the best clasp on such a special day with a fantastic fireworks display. We have a wide variety of pyrotechnic material to fill your day with light and color. And if you are going to marry by the sea we [...]

Confetti cannons and bubbles


Confetti cannons and bubbles Something more romantic than opening the nuptial dance between bubbles? We have professional bubble machines that will make your first dance magical. What if you surprise your guests with thousands of colored confetti at your arrival at the banquet? It will undoubtedly be an original touch [...]



Caricature If you want a different, fun and personalized memory, include a caricaturist at your wedding. The portraitist will make caricatures of the guests during the appetizer and banquet. It is a very common activity in the United States and England and [...]

The cabin of your memories


The cabin of your memories Undoubtedly the most original and spontaneous memory of your wedding. We propose you the installation of a fantastic photo booth with an infinity of complements so that whoever wants and when you want, you can take the most fun and creative snapshots. The service includes [...]

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