Project Description

Lighting by helium moons

As an exclusive product we offer you a new lighting system, spectacular in terms of decoration and very functional.
Our full moons are balloons that hold a large lamp and are suspended in the air by helium. We use balloons of 2 m in diameter and 4000 watts of power that are capable of illuminating about 150-180 people.
Its soft light, its height at 10-15m, as well as its spherical shape allow excellent 360 degree illumination. Helium is a harmless, fire-retardant gas that poses no danger to your guests.

In the same way we have other possibilities in terms of decorative lighting, such as our elegant lamps in fig form, our spheres with tripod or our floating balls for swimming pools. These elements are likely to be screen printed with messages, advertising, etc.
Create the atmosphere you want and surprise your guests.